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Welcome to The Advanced Wellness Centre in Richmond VA

"Our Mission is to help people get well naturally and to educate them
on how to maintain their health and vitality throughout their lives."

We welcome you to the official website for the Advanced Wellness Centre in Richmond VA. Whether you're in need of urgent help for a personal injury, you're training for an athletic event or you just want to feel younger and remain well, you've come to the right place. We want to be your source for safe, natural techniques such as chiropractic care, nutritional counseling, massage, physical therapy and acupuncture in Richmond.

The Team Approach to Optimal Health

One of the first things you'll notice when you walk into the Advanced Wellness Centre is how many skilled practitioners are on hand to help you. Not only will you find your chiropractor in Richmond with decades of experience, but there are also massage therapists, physical therapists, a registered dietitian, personal trainers and acupuncturists available to enhance your outcomes. This enables us to provide an integrated approach from a holistic model to address the whole body. Once you've experienced our level of care, nothing else will do!

From Chiropractic Care to Massage Therapy in Richmond

Our motto is "A World Of Health Under One Roof." Our patients seek care from one or more of our disciplines and have the ability to use any combination of professionals to enhance their outcome to care. You may benefit from:

 Chiropractic Care

"Improving The Mind & Body Connection"

Our chiropractors have years of training, expertise and experience in helping patients get relief from back pain, neck pain, whiplash, sciatica, headaches and other related conditions originating from the spine and extremities. We provide advanced spinal correction and chiropractic adjustments utilizing "state-of-the-art" techniques. The chiropractic techniques utilized at the Advanced Wellness Centre (AWC) are safe, comfortable, efficacious, and associated with the highest levels of patient satisfaction. Chiropractic care is also used to prevent injuries and help patients achieve optimal health and wellness.

 Nutritional Counseling

"Let food be thy medicine" - Hippocrates

Our approach with nutrition is to target your body's unique needs on a completely individualized basis. We map out a customized program for you incorporating healthy whole foods and the highest quality supplements, as clinically warranted for your specific needs. Although not the primary goal, weight-loss often results when patients take advantage of AWC's nutrition program. Do you know which vitamin and mineral supplements are necessary for optimum health? Do you know how supplements interact with one another and medications you may be taking? Our providers, including our registered dietitian, will learn your dietary habits to make the best recommendations for your foundational nutrition.

 Physical Therapy

"Hands on Functional Rehabilitation"

AWC's physical therapy department includes a unique one-on-one focus utilizing manual therapy as a primary tool for effectively reducing pain and increasing mobility. All of our therapists are highly trained in various forms of myofascial connective tissue release and muscular soft tissue mobilization. We also employ various joint mobilization and muscle energy techniques to provide you with the most comprehensive and effective care. As with all our departments, laser and decompression therapy are easily accessible through our PT's for those in clinical need of these special services.

 Massage Therapy

"A Clinical Approach to Relax the Body & Mind"

We, at the Advanced Wellness Centre, are extremely proud of our clinical and suite massage offerings. The Advanced Wellness Centre is a certified continuing education provider through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. This means that our licensed massage therapists obtain ongoing education at our office to enhance their skills including in-depth anatomy review and advanced muscle /soft tissue techniques. Our doctors of physical therapy and chiropractic offer ongoing training in these areas. Making your massage experience at Advanced Wellness Centre highly gratifying is why our therapists work so hard to continue learning.


"Use it or Lose it"

Your fitness training program at the Advanced Wellness Centre often starts with a Functional Movement Screening to identify your individual fitness level, areas of asymmetry or imbalances, inflexibility and weakness to determine the best and safest starting point to match your exercise needs. Our exceptionally qualified personal trainers not only focus on your cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, endurance and balance gains, but go to lengths to help you avoid future injury. Participating in a personalized fitness program at AWC allows you to improve your fitness and overall body composition.

 Acupuncture / Chinese Herbal Medicine

"Healing Billions of People Over Thousands of Years"

A highly unique approach termed "Empirical Acupuncture" is the focus of our acupuncture department. This model, a synthesis of Chinese and Japanese acupuncture, has proven highly effective for precise acupuncture point determination before the actual use of needles. This allows for exceptional patient comfort and produces immediate changes which patients can sense in their own bodies as each session progresses. Feedback of this sort is not only immediate with Empirical Acupuncture, but long lasting results are also experienced. Extensive use of Chinese herbal medicine, Tai Chi fundamentals and massage also help balance patients systems for sustained health benefits. As with all our AWC disciplines, it is part of our mission in acupuncture for people to discover the natural abilities their bodies have for healing.



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