Pomegranate Blueberry Salad

This wonderful salad is so easy to make, beautiful on the plate and capable of spicing up a holiday dinner, or a light summer luncheon - it is a party on a plate.


Belgian Endive - (While expensive, not much is need to make a plate look special)

Pomegranate - (1 is enough for several salads)

Blueberries - (1 small package will take care of a table full of salads)

Dried Edamame - (1 package is sufficient for a month's worth of salads)

Fresh Basil- (this MUST be fresh - dried is NO substitute)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - (Do not use if you are substituting blueberry dressings)

Balsamic or Sherry Vinegar - (you may substitute Cindy's Kitchen Blueberry Vinaigrette)

Freshly ground Black Pepper - (to taste)


  • Wash Endive leaves, dry individually and leave whole. Cut off portion or each leaf (or pull off) at base until you get to the center. The inside leaves can be left whole, or chopped up as a little light green piece of confetti on top of the salad

  • Prepare pomegranate by removing seeds from body of fruit. Make sure you get ALL of the pith off each seed. You can drain these if you wish, but I like the juice running on the endive leaves - it looks cool to me.

  • Cut Fresh Basil into a chiffonade. This is done by rolling leaves up (you can do several at a time) and then slicing it julienne style very finely. This results in very thin strips of basil. It is superior in flavor as you unlock a lot of the herb by having this much sliced surface, and it looks more interesting as a contrasting shape.

  • Lay the endive leaves out on a plate so you can see inside each one (see above) Sprinkle other ingredients all over so each leaf is filled with all the little bits.

  • Drizzle with EEOV and Balsamic Vinegar, or one of the Cindy's Kitchen dressings suggested. Endive is bitter so we really want to stay with a complimentary fruity vinaigrette.  If using Balmamic Vinegar save yourself from shame and buy a more expensive one. If you drizzle it sparingly it will last a very long time, and the difference is NO CONTEST!


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