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In Pursuit of Optimal Fitness: Personal Training at Advanced Wellness Centre in Richmond, VA

If you're prone to musculoskeletal injury, easily fatigued, overweight, or just not as healthy as you'd like to be, you should look into a prime method for optimizing your fitness: personal training at Advanced Wellness Centre in Richmond, VA. Our integrated health and wellness services include personalized fitness training programs that complement our chiropractic care and other natural healing services.

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What Personal Training Can Do for Your Health

The advantages of physical fitness are well known -- and well worth whatever regular effort and discipline it may require. Prescribed exercises and an overall increase in physical activity can:

  • • Boost your metabolism for easier fat burning and extra energy
  • • Improve your cardiovascular performance
  • • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • • Increase muscle strength, including the vital muscles that support your joints and spinal column
  • • Improve your range of motion by lubricating joints and lengthening connective tissues
  • • Help control stress levels and normalize mood
  • • Boost systemic functions, including immune resistance, to help you resist diseases and disorders

A Personal Training Regimen from Our Richmond, VA Chiropractors

If you think about it, it only makes sense that your Richmond chiropractors at Advanced Wellness Centre would also offer personal training. For one thing, many musculoskeletal alignment problems, acute injuries, and chronic pain issues are related to weak and/or tight muscles that inhibit balance and support. A customized personal training regimen can help you correct these imbalances so your chiropractic sessions will yield more lasting benefits. Exercises aimed at weight loss can also help by reliving strain on weight-bearing joints. Our wellness centre also focuses on whole-body health. Personal training integrates beautifully with massage therapy, nutritional counseling, and other services we offer, giving our patients a new path toward a lifetime of optimal well-being.

The first step in getting started with personal training at Advanced Wellness Centre is an evaluation called a Functional Movement Screening. Our personal trainers will administer the screen to evaluate your range of motion, body symmetry, weight, stance, gait, and strength. This gives us a "snapshot" of your current fitness to use as a baseline for creating your personal training regimen. Our personal trainers can then put you on a series of exercises aimed at improving specific areas of your fitness as safely and productively as possible to help you address your specific challenges, needs, and goals.

Ready to Get Fit? Contact Our Advanced Wellness Centre Today

From improving your athletic performance to improving your functional ability, there's no wrong reason to increase your physical fitness! If you're ready to get fit, call Advanced Wellness Centre at (804) 673-9355 to arrange for personal training in our office located at 3536 Grove Ave, Richmond VA 23221.


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