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Here at Advanced Wellness Centre, we provide all-natural treatments to help you improve your health and well being. One of these treatments is acupuncture provided by Dr. William Roodman (see his full bio under About Us/ Meet The Team) in Richmond, VA. If you are curious about acupuncture as a treatment and therapy, we are here to answer your most common questions. Learn more about acupuncture treatment and decide if this is the right therapy for your needs. 

About Modern Acupuncture: East Meets West

Acupuncture is a form of integrated medicine that has been in existence for thousands of years. This type of holistic care began in ancient China as a form of the Daoist tradition. Acupuncture began with fine needles made of stone and was used to help aid in healing. Modern acupuncture uses fine filament needles made of stainless steel for treatments consistent with traditional Chinese medicine.

When you receive acupuncture treatments the underlying goal is to channel the electrical energy in your body for your health benefit. According to this concept, when you experience illness or pain, it is caused by a blockage, excess or deficiency in energy flow within your body. Acupuncture works by treating the points along meridians which are pathways of energy flow like water flowing through rivers.

There are 361 classical acupuncture points located on the 12 meridians throughout your body. At our office in Richmond, VA, Dr. William Roodman uses Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Acugraph (click link to learn more, Western science technology, to identify the points and meridians that are associated with your illness or pain. From there, using precise acupuncture treatments, electrical energy flow may be improved and balanced, thereby reducing and/ or eliminating inflammation and pain to promote lasting relief.

Pain Relief and Healing Using Acupuncture

One of the most common reasons why individuals seek acupuncture treatments is for pain relief. We can help you deal with chronic or acute pain without painkilling drugs thanks to acupuncture treatments. This therapy stimulates the energy flow within the body. As a result, you experience all-natural endorphins that help with pain.

When using acupuncture for healing, the primary focus is improving circulation in your body. Just as acupuncture improves energy flow, it is also useful for increasing the circulation of vital neurochemicals and nutrient-rich fluids, including blood flow to all your tissues and organs. Acupuncture helps improve this flow in the areas where you are suffering from pain, injury, or illness. You are able to heal faster and more effectively thanks to this increased circulatory response.

Benefits of Acupuncture

For individuals who are searching for a treatment method that is drug-free or surgery-free, acupuncture is the perfect fit. If you are pregnant or nursing and need pain relief without the side effects of drugs, this is an ideal solution. We can use acupuncture therapy to help individuals suffering from low back pain, neck pain, muscle weakness, and nerve pain. Acupuncture treatments are also highly effective for helping combat headaches and migraines.

In general, if you have a musculoskeletal complaint or nerve disorder, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or sciatica, then acupuncture is a safe and effective solution.

What to Expect During Acupuncture Treatments

For your first acupuncture treatment, you will receive a comprehensive exam including the Acugraph. This is used to diagnose any health conditions or injuries that may be affecting your overall well being. A customized treatment plan will be developed according to your needs. Your treatment sessions may begin during this first appointment.

When you receive acupuncture you may feel pressure, a slight ache or electric sensation from the thin needles. However, this treatment does not generally cause pain. Typically the needles will remain inserted for a period in time depending on the precise acupuncture point selection and treatment goal. After your treatment, you are ready to continue with your day without any downtime.

Contact the Advanced Wellness Centre at (804) 616-3946 to schedule your appointment. We are located near Carytown on the corner of Thompson and Grove in Richmond, VA. We look forward to helping you improve your health through acupuncture.

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