Yard Work & Gardening Alleviate Muscle Pain This Spring

Yard Work & Gardening: Alleviate Muscle Pain This Spring

Believe it or not, gardening and performing yard work are strenuous exercises that can easily lead to muscle pain. If you intend on working around your property when the weather gets warmer, knowing how to protect your body is a must. Advanced Wellness Centre in Richmond is available if you need chiropractic care due to overdoing it in your yard. Here are some tips to help you alleviate muscle pain associated with outdoor yard maintenance tasks.

Use the Power of Temperature

When muscle pain strikes, cold or hot temperatures can be soothing. Right after a muscle injury happens, use an icepack on the affected area. This will reduce swelling, which leads to a reduction of discomfort when inflammation decreases. After a day or two, switch to a heating pad to reduce muscle pain. Taking warm baths or showers will help as well.

Rest Until You Feel Better

Many people feel that when the pain subsides, they are able to get back to their normal tasks without any risks. It is best however to give yourself a few extra days for recovery. This ensures that your muscles are completely healed so you don’t injure yourself further when you get back to your gardening and yardwork. If at any time you feel sore, stop your activities and rest your body.

Seek Treatment from Our Chiropractic Practice

If your muscle pain does not subside after a few days, or if it recurs every time you perform outdoor tasks, chiropractic treatment can help. Our chiropractor will assess your injury and provide recommendations for treatment. This usually involves spinal adjustments as they reduce joint stress and promote healing. Our chiropractic team will develop a treatment plan that uses a combination of massage therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and physical therapy to ensure each patient receives the care they need to promote good health.

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