Why Use a Trainer for Your Workouts?

With the huge expansion of technology over the last several years, the market has been flooded with many fantastic home workout options. Across the country, living rooms are filled with pixelated workout partners, shouting commands, giving encouragement, and providing seeming guidance for our workouts.

So why use something as ostensibly antiquated as a personal trainer or strength coach, especially in this time of viral vexation?

Here are few things that the trainers and exercise therapists at the Advanced Wellness Centre can provide that one just cannot obtain from home workouts, however wonderful these can be for some people:

1. Personal support – Will any branded bicycling buddy ensure you actually show up to cycle today? Of course, the enthusiasm and general guidance is enough for some people, but you might need to meet with a human face that is aware of your existence, wants to see you succeed, and who will call or email if you are not completing your workouts!

2. Exercise guidance – Some of the biggest risk factors for injury are overuse, movement asymmetry, and previous injury. A trainer can monitor you for signs of overuse, ensure your movement is performed in an optimal manner to improve movement symmetry and reduce overusing particular muscles, and tailor a workout around previous injury and pain. At Advanced Wellness, optimizing movement and preventing/reducing pain is even our focus

3. Progression– When should you alter your workout and make it tougher? When should you back off that day? A televised kickboxing instructor has no idea. But you are an individual with stressors, sleep cycles thrown off by children, an injury history, and personal nutritional challenges. A trainer can logically and scientifically progress your workouts to build your capacity and resilience, while also providing real-time adjustment around a degree of difficulty. A great tool to prevent injury while getting stronger, faster, and leaner!

So, if your home workouts are doing fine and you are feeling great – keep up the great work! But if these areas are concerns for you, then come on out to Advanced Wellness in Richmond/Carytown to see how a “good-old-fashioned” trainer can help you get better results, and with a mind toward minimizing viral transmission risk in our semi-private gym space, screening, and masking procedures. For more information about our personal training services, call 804-673-9355!

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