Personal Training Recommendations for Older and Younger Populations

Do you need to work out with a personal trainer to better your balance, flexibility, coordination, or lose weight? Our chiropractic care center provides training programs that help both the young and old. We at Advanced Wellness Centre in Richmond can help you improve your physique, physical strength, and overall body fitness. The training programs that we offer can better your overall health and wellness while also aiding your chiropractic care treatments for mechanical disorders in your musculoskeletal system.

Why Work Out with a Personal Trainer?

Working out with a personal trainer's support can help you get more accountable for your training program. Your trainer can also help you by creating customized training programs tailored to suit your needs after conducting a comprehensive fitness assessment.

Why Do You Need Personal Training and Chiropractic Care Programs for the Young and Old?

Ideal personal trainers know that older adults and the young have different training needs. There is no one-size-fits-all training program for people of all ages. For instance, middle-aged adults, teens, and the youth often train to lose weight, increase bone mass, and better their neuromuscular control and body strength.

However, older adults often train to improve their insulin sensitivity, coordination, flexibility, and balance. Others may also train to improve their glucose tolerance and blood lipid levels. The training sessions may also get used alongside chiropractic care to improve older adults' independence.

Our chiropractors and personal trainers tailor training programs that suit each client's needs based on their age, health, and fitness assessment results. Our training programs prevent problems such as muscle mass decrease and hip fractures, which are common among older adults who may engage in long strenuous training sessions.

Why Take a Fitness Assessment Before Training?

Personal trainers need to conduct a thorough fitness and health assessment to determine the clients' needs in training and their ability to undergo said training. Such assessments also help personal trainers or chiropractic care experts to tailor a training program that suits a client's needs and training ability. Here are some of the common assessments taken before joining any training program:

  • Postural assessment
  • Balance assessment
  • Muscle strength assessment
  • Medical condition and history assessment

These assessments will determine the kind of training program to be used on each client.

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Our training program can improve your health and wellness needs while also serving alongside your chiropractic care. At Advanced Wellness Centre, we are committed to providing our patients the chiropractic care they need to live happy and healthy lives. Contact our team in Richmond to find out how we can help.

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