When All You’ve Got is a Hammer…

Doctor explaining to patient

“…everything looks like a nail,” according to Abraham Maslow. This is a problem of limited perspective- a limitation experienced by every one of us. Indeed, much of our healthcare industry can be likened to a collection of (insert tool) wielders, each primarily concerned with the application and promotion of their implement.

There is nothing wrong with specialization. Given the complexity of the human body, and the amount of sheer information there is to know, it would seem to be a requirement of a fully functional healthcare system.

But there are also benefits to a more all-encompassing approach, particularly when dealing with chronic pain and chronic disease - which affect more than half of Americans - and can often be a result of the interaction of multiple variables. You do not catch diabetes from a toilet seat, and most back pain is not a result of a singular event, either. Multiple variables affect these kinds of chronic conditions – spinal alignment, soft tissue mobility, nerve sensitivity, muscle strength, food intolerance, weight, stress, and sleep, to name just a few.

At the Advanced Wellness Centre in Richmond, we put a number of different practitioners, each with their different tools and varying lenses through which they view the pain or condition, and we leverage that breadth of philosophy to your benefit. We also focus on communication between the different areas of our clinic.

Chiropractic care, massage therapy, fitness/exercise therapy, nutrition, supplementation and mindfulness training – a much larger toolbox. Also, this variety of expert “manual laborers” can broaden our perspective on a number of different areas of concern that could be exacerbating your pain, injury, or disease condition.

Check us out and see if a whole-person approach is right for you!

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