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Paul Davis 

Success Story Paul Davis

Success Story Paul Davis

"If I look back over the past three years, one thing sticks out as the most significant life change.  That one thing is trusting Aaron Grubb to guide me from being an inflexible, imbalanced, and frustrated person to having tremendous flexibility, balance, and an overall higher level of strength and happiness.  From the first session, I knew that a significant journey had begun.  I went from being afraid to get hurt – to being strong, doing Pilates, rowing at home, hiking, and running around the yard with my son.

Aaron’s workouts build upon one another, change quickly, keeping you guessing, and push you beyond what you ever thought was possible.  The confidence that comes from getting to know your body the right way positively impacts every other aspect of your life.   It has been an amazing three years.  I am excited about what the next three years will bring."

- Nate C. 

"I’ve been training with Aaron for two-and-a-half years now, twice a week every week.  That fact alone is incredible, considering I’ve never consistently worked out for longer than a month and hated sports growing up.  When we started, my mobility wasn’t great and I was at my heaviest weight (260lbs). Today, I feel strong, relatively limber, and am inching closer and closer to 220lbs. (nearly 40lbs down from our starting point!)  More importantly, my body composition has changed.  This success isn’t just because Aaron encourages me to work hard (I’m drenched by the hour’s end!), but also because he trains you to work smart – setting realistic goals, pushing to new limits when your body is ready or taking a rest when your body needs one, and mixing up the workout so no session is like any other before.  Training with Aaron has changed my life, health, attitude, and outlook."

- Eric G. 

"I have been working with Aaron for over two years.  He challenges me with a skilled balance of patience and hard work and inspires me to reach new goals with every session.  His work-outs are designed to enable me to reach my full potential.  His knowledge, passion, guidance, ability to listen, and wit have made two years and counting an amazing and very worthwhile experience."

- Cathy W. 

"I'm 60 years old.  When I started working with Aaron, I had not exercised in years. I had a troublesome left hip, and my neck had always been a weakness for me as well, resulting in a lot of headaches.  I am a full-time artist.  I realized it was now or never, so I signed up for fitness sessions with Aaron Grubb.  My greatest goal in working with Aaron was to be able to continue to make art for the “rest of my life,” which would require a strong core. Aaron has patiently worked with me for months, and I am so much stronger, in my core, back, neck and hip--really everywhere. I no longer have neck pain and my hip is so much stronger, as well. Aaron is good-natured and encouraging, and doesn’t ever lose his cool when it takes repeated instruction to show me how to do an exercise. He is the best combination of pushing me to succeed and making it fun in the process by being so personable. I am someone who can easily "forget" to exercise, so finding such a great coach in Aaron is a blessing.  I want to keep working with him for the rest of my life!"

- Barbara I. 

“I used to have a very active job and I worked out regularly with weights to maintain the level of strength I needed for my job. About eight years ago, I took a less physical job, and stopped working out regularly. At first, I didn’t notice any changes, but all the while my body was gradually weakening. I began to have more pain, I gained weight, and I noticed I couldn’t do things I used to do easily. When I reached the point that climbing the stairs in my house was wearing me out, I knew it was time for a change."

Weight training has helped get me back on the right track. It wasn’t easy to get started; but the AWC trainers were patient and made me feel like I really could lift that dumbbell one more time, and sure enough, I did manage one more rep. I am stronger now and have fewer daily aches and pains, I have lost some pounds, and I feel mentally sharper. I can easily climb the stairs to my sister’s third floor apartment. I started yoga classes and my flexibility is returning. Now, I am focusing on adding more cardio work to my life. I want to be able to catch my grandson when we play chase!"

It’s easy to think that you don’t have time for exercise, or that you get enough exercise in your daily life, and for some people that may be true. But for me, regular exercise is a requirement for a happy, healthy life.”   

- Lynn G.

“I have worked out with personal trainers at various stages of my life. I have to say that working with the fitness team at AWC has been extremely helpful. They have taught me to exercise smarter, and sometimes less is more – which was a huge AHA for me. Also love the small group sessions. The trainers truly give first class service – and I get the results!! Thanks!”   

- Susie G.


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