The Importance of a Tailored Nutrition Plan

There are so many claims out there about nutrition that it's easy to not only ignore them, but mock them. After all, it seems like whatever advice gets on TV gets debunked not long later.

That said, nutrition is actually important. The problems come in when studies try to make blanket statements. A proper nutritional program is tailored for the individual's body - it doesn't try to claim that it'll work for anyone who happens to own a television.

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Why Nutrition is So Important to Health

Food does far more than provide raw fuel to the body. Along with calories, it can offer amino acids, proteins, and other building blocks of life. Ensuring that we get the specific blocks we need is essential for optimal functioning.

How to Maintain Good Nutrition

Truly good nutrition goes far beyond eating your veggies or enjoying the latest popular smoothie type. That's because not every green thing is one of "your" veggies after all. Only the foods that satisfy your body's unique needs should be considered yours.

How do you find out which foods are yours? One of the best ways is to consult with a nutritionist here at Advanced Wellness Centre. We don't just guess at what you need or offer general guidelines, but instead, look at your total health profile. Then we use what we know about foods on their molecular levels to recommend which ones - and how much of them - you should eat.

The Difference Between Good Nutrition and Dieting

Good nutrition is a lifelong habit, while the mindset behind dieting is typically short term. This causes most dieters to focus solely on calorie restriction, which not only ignores the building blocks needed for health, but causes diet-killing feelings of deprivation. In the meantime, the person may end up looking thinner without actually looking healthier.

With the help of our chiropractor in Richmond, VA, you won't have to choose between eating well and dieting. The proper eating plan has just the calories you need to reach and maintain the weight you want while being packed with the nutrients your individual body needs. If strong caloric restriction turns out to be required, supplements will be prescribed to ensure that you still get the nutrients needed to remain vibrant and energetic.

With these things in mind, it's easy to see why one-size-fits-all diets and eating plans don't work. To get a true solution, give us a call today at (804) 673-9355. Our customized nutrition solutions will give you the true health that the latest fad will never deliver.


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