Jennifer Meharg

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Licensed Massage Therapist

Jennifer Meharg (aka Jennie) graduated Cum Laude from the Theatre program at VCU and has worked locally and regionally for more than 15 years as an actress, dancer, and puppeteer. During college, Jennie traveled South East Asia to learn and study Tibetian and Nepalese dances. She also studied and performed with innovative dancers and movers such as Maureen Fleming and the City Company at LaMaMa etc. in Spoleto Italy. Believing that mobility is life, she became ACE certified as a Personal Trainer and has worked since 2008 on special populations, especially those with movement disorders.

Wanting to add the healing power of touch to her practice, Jennie studied massage therapy at the Lotus School of Integrated Professions, and received her license in 2017. Before joining the Advanced Wellness team, Jennie ran a personal training/massage therapy studio, which she closed while pregnant with her daughter. She holds additional certifications in Myofacial Release, Active Isolated Stretching, Pilates mat 1, and PWR! Fitness. She uses her knowledge of the human body and movement to her massages, and utilizes mobility  as much as possible. She is experienced in chair, relaxation, deep tissue, and sports massage


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