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At the Advanced Wellness Centre, a world of health resides under one roof.

Within our 10,000 square foot facility, you will find a unique multidisciplinary, drug free approach to health, wellness and pain management integrating Fitness, Nutrition, Chiropractic care, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy.

All disciplines work independently or together when necessary for an integrated approach with one goal in mind: To restore the body to full function in a way that relieves existing problems and prevents future ones from developing. We take pride in developing care plans that are unique to the individual and provide dedicated guidance every step of the way.

Countless patients have found pain relief and improved health under the care of the Advanced Wellness Centre’s team. All of us share an excitement and passion for delivering the message of wellness. We invite you to stop in and tour the Centre to see first-hand why our patients recommend us to their friends and family.

A message from Dr. Roodman on the benefits of complementary and alternative medicine after a personal injury accident:

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