Work Injury

Some work injuries are more dramatic and catastrophic than others, but even the most subtle chronic issues could make it impossible for you to perform your job. Fortunately, you can get the work injury, accident injury, or chronic work injury care you need right here at The Advanced Wellness Center in Richmond, VA.


The Many Ways You Can Be Injured on the Job

There's no mistaking an acute work injury or accident injury. A fall from a construction site, or even a slip and fall on a slippery restroom floor, can cause sudden and serious back, neck, or extremity joint injuries. A sharp impact to the body can also force the head back and forth sharply enough to cause whiplash. These incidents may take you off the job entirely for weeks or months at a time.

Other types of work injuries may allow you to keep working, but at the cost of ever-increasing pain and/or functional loss. Chronic injuries are often the end result of years of repetitive motion that overuses one specific joint of muscle group. One classic workplace example is the tissue swelling in the wrist that causes carpal tunnel syndrome. Another modern-day problem for computer workers is text neck, a chronic injury prompted by drooping your head to view monitors or mobile device screens. Other ergonomic issues include keyboards, filing cabinets, and other equipment positioned at awkward angles that place constant or recurring stresses on the body.

Skilled, Non-Invasive Treatment from Our Chiropractor in Richmond, VA

Either chiropractor on our experienced team can analyze your work injury in detail and create a personalized treatment plan to put you on the mend. Surgery necessitates a lengthy recuperation away from work, but our conservative techniques can help you get better without that additional healing time. We can combine treatment techniques such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustment to bring dislocated joints back into alignment
  • Acupuncture to put your body's natural pain-relieving mechanisms to work
  • Massage therapy to boost blood flow, facilitate tissue repair, and ease inflammation
  • Advice on ergonomic changes to reduce your risks of workplace injuries

Want to Get Back to Work? Let Us Help

If you want to get well and get back to work, The Advanced Wellness Center can help you achieve those goals. Call our Richmond, VA clinic today at (804) 673-9355, or schedule an appointment online.


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