What Sets Massage Therapy Apart From Other Massage Types?

Massage therapy is offered at many clinics and other locations, but there is some confusion about just what sets it apart. This is because some massage providers focus on relaxation, others provide it as part of a spa experience, and still, others use it entirely as a medical treatment.

Here at Advanced Wellness Centre, our massage focus is on improving your health. While the experience of getting a massage is still generally enjoyable, we apply it in ways meant to treat specific conditions and achieve precise health goals.

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What is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy is any type of massage with the purpose of improving a medical or mental condition. It has been done for thousands of years, though in modern times, there are countless variations. Some of today's massage techniques follow age-old formulas, while others rely on the most recent research and discoveries.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

One of the biggest benefits of this therapy is how fast it can provide pain relief. Since it loosens up the soft tissues, pain caused by tense, knotted muscles stops right away. It can also make other treatments, such as chiropractic bone manipulation, go more quickly and be more effective.

How Effective is Massage Therapy?

Studies examined by the National Institutes of Health show that the effectiveness of this therapy depends on the conditions being treated. It shines out for things like low back pain, neck pain, depression, and helping pre-term infants gain weight. Notably, massage therapy is not something that "completes" after a few sessions. Instead, ongoing treatment is needed in order to maintain effectiveness.

Because of this factor and others, massage is often used in combination with other therapies. Which others are chosen depends on the condition in question. Cancer therapy, for example, is typically heavy on strong conventional treatments, while back and neck pain tends to be treated by a chiropractor in Richmond, VA who will focus on non-drug, nonsurgical methods.

The weight given to the massage component of an individual treatment plan also depends on the goals of the patient. Some are highly interested in the fast knockdown of current pain, while others will want to focus more on long-term solutions like chiropractic care and will only add massage if there is a solid practical benefit for their exact condition.

Experience Relief at Advanced Wellness Centre

Regardless of your specific goal for massage therapy, your journey starts with an initial consultation. Just give us a call here at Advanced Wellness Centre to get started. We'll be sure to integrate your goals and health conditions to devise the perfect treatment plan for you. Call 804-673-9355, or schedule an appointment online!

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