Laser Therapy

laser therapy

Laser Promotes Healing

  • Conventional medicine often provides pain relief by inhibiting the inflammatory process. While pain levels are temporarily reduced, long term effects can be detrimental. What one may not realize is the trade off for this type of pain relief results in inhibition of the natural inflammatory process needed to heal injured tissues.

  • Laser Therapy is known for its ability to improve the healing process. Through photobiostimulation, photons are utilized to provide energy to cells. This elicits a cascade of positive cellular affects. The end results include improved healing of injured tissues including tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

 Laser Decreases Pain

  • Conventional medicine provides pain relief, blocking positive and negative effects of inflammation, including pain receptors (nociceptors). This alters our perception of injury and often results in continued performance of aggravating activity, thus continued harm already impaired tissue.

  • Laser therapy reduces pain by activating lymphatic drainage to remove waste including damaged cells; promoting prostaglandin inactivation directly responsible for reducing pain associated with inflammation; increasing blood flow to provide nutrients.

Laser Decreases Scar Tissue

  • Some conventional approaches, including cortisone injections, impede activity of phagocytes. These cells are responsible for removing excess debris from an injured area and aide during the repair process. Without adequate performance of these cells, increased accumulation of waste material will result in scar tissues that negatively affect the tissue’s integrity and function.

  • Laser helps stimulate cellular activity for appropriate phagocytosis. This reduces excess scar tissue formation and optimizes soft tissue integrity. In conjunction, laser increases metabolic activity by stimulating enzyme activity and promoting blood flow to an area. With blood flow the area receives increased oxygen and nutrients to aide in the healing process.

Laser Increases Soft Tissue Integrity

  • Some conventional approaches, including cortisone injections, inhibit blood vessel formation, blood flow, protein synthesis, and collagen formation, which are all necessary for strong soft tissues including muscles, ligaments and tendons.

  • Among the many positive effects on cellular activity, laser helps stimulate fibroblast development. Fibroblasts build collagen, which is one of the main components of soft tissues and essential for appropriate soft tissue healing.

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