Services by Your Chiropractor in Richmond, VA

As you explore the services available by your chiropractor in Richmond, VA, we want you to consider Advanced Wellness Centre. We offer the top chiropractic services in Richmond including acupuncture, massage therapy, physical therapy, nutritional counseling, and personal training. We use all of these methods in tandem as part of our holistic approach to healthcare. Discover more about our chiropractic services as you make the right choice for your chiropractor. 

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Chiropractic Care 

Our primary service here at Advanced Wellness Centre is chiropractic care. We are committed to providing the most innovative chiropractic techniques available. This includes subluxation correction, laser therapy, decompression therapy, longevity, and anti-aging services. Using chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy we help patients suffering from back pain, auto accident injuries, neck pain, sciatica, and personal injuries. 


As one of the oldest and most traditional forms of medicine, acupuncture does a couple of different things. First, your acupuncturist in Richmond, VA triggers the healing responses of the area being treated. This promotes faster healing, as well as natural pain relief. You are able to reduce your pain with regular treatment sessions with your acupuncturist.

Massage Therapy

By going to your massage therapist for a massage in Richmond, VA, you can ensure that your massage therapist is well trained. The massage therapist at the Advanced Wellness Centre work independently and also in conjunction with the other services provided at the Advanced Wellness Centre. Your massage therapy in Richmond, VA is a holistic way to treat injuries, while also reducing tension and improving muscle repair. 

Physical Therapy 

As with massage therapy, you can choose from a variety of physical therapists in Richmond, VA. Your physical therapist at the Advanced Wellness Centre works with a variety of conditions independently, but can also work in coordination with your chiropractor in Richmond, VA to enhance your outcome. You will receive targeted therapy during PT that goes with your chiropractic treatments. Our physical therapists are well suited for anyone injured in an auto accident, personal injury, sports injury, or work-related injury. 

Nutritional Counseling

Along with our holistic approach, we offer nutritional counseling. What we eat comprises a substantial part of the way that our body burns fuel and functions at all levels. If we are eating poorly, this can cause our organs not to function properly, which can cause other health problems and physical pain. Furthermore, weight loss in Richmond, VA begins with quality nutrition and nutritional counseling. If we want to improve our overall health, weight loss coaching in Richmond, VA is a great start. Our registered dietitian at the Advanced Wellness Centre is waiting to serve you. 

Personal Training

To improve your exercise and sporting capabilities, consider personal training with the Advanced Wellness Centre. Your Personal Trainer in Richmond, VA serves as your fitness coach and creates a personalized training program. The personal training program will take into account your chiropractic needs, physical therapy, and nutritional counseling, if applicable. Taking the holistic route, you will be able to improve your physical health and wellness alongside your personal trainer in Richmond, VA. 

Meet Your Chiropractor in Richmond, VA

If you are ready to choose your chiropractor and wellness coaches in Richmond, VA, we are ready to exceed your expectations. We use a holistic approach that includes alternative treatments along with chiropractic care. Contact Advanced Wellness Centre at (804) 673-9355 to schedule your appointment for chiropractic care. 


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