Chiropractic care is a holistic form of treatment that can help patients of all ages. Many people think of chiropractic care as primarily treating musculoskeletal conditions like whiplash and back pain. While chiropractic care certainly is good for treating these conditions, it can also be used to treat much more. Patients suffering from headaches, work injuries, sports-related injuries, joint pain and even illness can come to the chiropractor for treatment. Using all natural techniques, chiropractors treat a range of conditions.  

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Chiropractic Treatments Offered

Chiropractic care usually involves manipulation of the spine to improve communication between the brain and the rest of the body. By realigning the vertebrae, chiropractors can reduce pressure on the spinal cord and prevent problems like subluxations. Subluxations occur when the vertebrae starts to press upon the spinal cord, causing disruptions in the central nervous system. Subluxations can cause signals from the brain to misfire, which can result in pain, problems with immune function and reduced efficiency of the body's systems. 

Spinal adjustment is a painless experience that often involves cracking and popping noises in the back. These cracking and popping noises occur as the vertebrae are put back into realignment. In addition to spinal adjustment, chiropractors use a range of techniques to help restore patients to good health. 

  • Massage therapy. Patients love this technique because it's relaxing and enjoyable, but there are also many practical reasons that chiropractors use massage therapy. This technique helps to reduce muscle pain and muscle tension, and also helps to improve circulation in injured parts of the body. For patients suffering from anxiety, massage therapy can help them manage these feelings and improve quality of life.
  • Stretches and exercises. Stretches and exercises help patients improve mobility and range of motion. After an injury occurs, stretches and exercises are often central to the rehabilitation process. This technique can be used to help pregnant women prepare for labor and can help seniors after a stroke to rehabilitate the muscles. For people who exercise regularly, stretches and exercises can help them avoid injuries and muscle strain.
  • Lifestyle advice. Many people contribute to their own muscle pain through everyday activities and by working in un-ergonomic conditions. Often, this happens without the patient ever being aware that they have caused their own pain. Chiropractors help patients to manage and avoid pain by adjusting their lifestyle habits. 
  • Nutrition counseling. Eating right can help patients stay healthy and avoid illnesses. Proper nutrition is also important for weight management and maintaining a healthy exercise regimen. Chiropractors teach patients how to eat a balanced diet. For patients who are injured or ill, chiropractors recommend foods that can help patients reduce inflammation and return the body to good health.  

Conditions Treated By Your Chiropractor in Richmond, VA

As your chiropractor in Richmond VA, we treat a range of conditions, including:

  • Auto accidents. Patients involved in auto accidents can experience a range of injuries, from concussions to whiplash. We help car accident victims by making a proper diagnosis and beginning treatment right away.  
  • Work injuries. Poor ergonomic conditions at work can cause muscle pain and musculoskeletal injury. We help patients through natural techniques like spinal adjustment and stretches and exercises. 
  • Neck pain. Neck pain can be the result of lifestyle or because of an injury. We help patients identify the true cause of their neck pain and then administer treatment as needed. 
  • Low back pain. Low back pain is often the result of activities like lifting heavy objects. We help soothe aching muscles and eliminate problems like subluxations. 
  • Headaches. We treat headaches with massage therapy, spinal adjustment, and lifestyle advice. 
  • Sports injuries. Sports injuries can cause muscle pain, bone pain, and chronic pain, depending on the circumstances. We help patients recover from their injuries and avoid injuries in the future. 

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Spinal adjustment can be safely done to nearly any patient, including infants and seniors. This flexible, natural form of treatment involves no medications and no invasive procedures, so patients suffer few or no side effects. In addition, chiropractic care is preventative. A spinal adjustment can help patients avoid injuries and avoid illnesses. In this way, seeing the chiropractor regularly can improve quality of life. 

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