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Scoliosis is an affliction that affects the curvature of the spine which can lead to long-term pain.  We all have a normal longitudinal slight curvature of the spine which under normal circumstances is completely fine. However, with a scoliosis spine, the curvature is of a lateral nature and this affliction affects close to nine million people in the United States alone. For scoliosis pain management, Advanced Wellness Centre in Richmond, Virginia can help.


Chiropractic care is paramount to managing the affliction on a long-term basis. There are only two ways to try to treat the affliction for possible straightening of the spine. One way requires wearing a brace while still in childhood to help the spine grow correctly over time. The other method usually happens once the patient reaches adulthood and that is spinal fusion surgery. Neither one of these methods is 100% effective against scoliosis. Patients who can’t treat scoliosis in either of those two methods learn to live with the resultant pain and discomfort that accompanies the affliction.

Long-Term Pain Management

Scoliosis pain management for most usually encompasses daily pain and just living with it or using medications to dull the pain. The former requires an almost barbaric existence and unbearable quality of life while the latter runs the risk of possible addiction to the medications prescribed. There is an addiction-free option available for those central Virginians suffering from scoliosis pain and that’s finding a quality chiropractor in Richmond, VA.

Chiropractor Pain Management

Treatment of back pain associated with scoliosis can be successfully done with chiropractic care. The chiropractor can treat back pain with successful spine manipulation and quality care. With specialized care and continual assessment of pain, the patient and chiropractor work in tandem to manage and control ongoing pain, as well as evaluate a plan to enjoy the pain free benefits, long-term.

Chiropractors in Richmond, VA

For ongoing pain management in Richmond, Virginia, Advanced Wellness Centre has been treating scoliosis pain management for years. They maintain a high standard of quality care and aftercare for sufferers of back pain. Advance Wellness Centre also treats other forms of back pain and knee pain due to various ailments. If you suffer from scoliosis pain or other forms of pain, consult with Advance Wellness Centre today and speak with one of their representatives to schedule an initial consultation.  During the initial consultation, initial tests and x-rays will be conducted and an initial schedule of treatments will be created to treat your pain. Call (804) 673-9355, or schedule an appointment online!

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