Lifting Injuries

Lifting injuries can occur due to heavy lifting or overuse and affect your muscles, ligaments, or other components of the musculoskeletal system. Not only that, but they can also cause pain that can become chronic if it is not treated on time. At Advanced Wellness Centre in Richmond, VA, we provide various treatments to relieve your pain and help you return to an active lifestyle. Before visiting us, learn about some lifting injuries that we treat below:


A muscle strain happens when the fibers of a muscle are torn or stretched. This injury usually occurs from improper lifting.


A sprain can happen if a ligament, which connects the bones, is stretched or torn.

Herniated Disc

Lifting heavy objects can cause a herniated disc or bulging disc and result in numbness, weakness, and pain.

Muscle Overuse

Repetitive and frequent lifting, especially if done with poor form, can lead to bursitis or tendinitis.

Lower Back Pain

Twisting or bending at the waist when lifting a heavy items can strain the muscles in the lower back.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Using poor shoulder posture to lift heavy objects overhead can injure the tendons in the rotator cuff.

Disc Degeneration

Repetitive lifting or poor lifting techniques can contribute to spinal disc degeneration over time.

Torn or Ruptured Muscles

In severe cases, an injury caused by lifting a heavy object may cause a torn or ruptured muscle. As a result, you may need surgery for repair.

Fractures and Dislocations

Lifting extremely heavy objects can cause a joint dislocation or fracture in the spine, shoulders, or knee bones.

Abdominal Hernias

Lifting heavy objects while straining can increase pressure in the abdomen and contribute to an abdominal hernia.

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Proper lifting techniques and avoiding overexertion can reduce the risk of injury. However, if an injury does occur, our team at Advanced Wellness Centre in Richmond, VA, can help. To learn about our treatments or to schedule your appointment, contact us at (804) 673-9355 today. When you need a chiropractor near me, our team is happy to assist you!

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