Common Questions About Back Pain Relief

Back pain can be debilitating and make enjoying your hobbies or spending time with your loved ones challenging. Getting chiropractic care from a trusted chiropractor can improve your ability to move without pain. Spines In Motion in Richmond, VA, can give you long-lasting pain relief and improved range of motion with our chiropractic care. Here are some common questions about back pain and how we can help treat it.

What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain has several causes, the most frequent being accidents and injuries. Another common cause of back pain is a disease or condition, such as degenerative disc disease, arthritis, or scoliosis. You may have a higher risk of back pain if you work a physical job or play sports. Back pain is also more likely to occur as you age due to your body’s natural wear and tear.

Can You Cure Back Pain?

You can cure some minor forms of back pain, but more significant back pain causes might be incurable. However, back pain is typically very treatable, and you can reduce or eliminate it with good chiropractic care. Conditions like scoliosis and arthritis are incurable, but chiropractic care can significantly reduce pain and improve your range of motion. Doing this allows you to focus on your work, hobbies, and spending time with loved ones rather than back pain and discomfort.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help With Back Pain?

One of the most common treatment options a chiropractor will use for back pain is a spinal adjustment. A spinal adjustment realigns your vertebrae and reduces pressure on the spinal nerves. Doing this can eliminate subluxations and relieve back pain. Spinal adjustments also improve your body’s natural healing ability and increase your range of motion.

Your chiropractor may also suggest massage therapy to improve your body’s circulation and relieve tense and tight muscles or tendons. Combining this technique with a spinal adjustment can significantly speed up your healing process while helping your body relax. Your chiropractor may also offer nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice to keep your body healthy and protect it from future injury. Exercises and stretches can also reduce back pain by strengthening your muscles and improving coordination.

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Chiropractic care offers a holistic and non-invasive way to alleviate back pain and improve your range of motion, so contact Spines In Motion in Richmond, VA, to get long-lasting back pain relief. Call us and schedule a consultation today at 804-729-7677.

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