Our Personal Trainer at Advanced Wellness Centre Talks About Alleviating Mid or Upper Back Pain

Do you experience pain or discomfort in your mid or upper back? Do you feel that it always needs to be stretched? You are not alone.

Unfortunately, many people experience the same discomfort every day. The root cause of these symptoms can be traced back to your activities of daily living (ADL) and the posture you are subjecting your body to every day. When we force our bodies to sit for long periods of time, several things happen to create an environment of pain and dysfunction. We unknowingly allow our head to drift forward and toward the device we are looking at. This can be either a computer screen, phone, television, or other electronic device. Once our head drifts forward, everything below that must adjust and overcompensate. Our neck muscles get over-active in this supportive roll, our shoulders round forward, and before you know it, our entire posture has been compromised. The sensation of feeling like we need to stretch a muscle can be attributed to its over activity. If your neck and shoulder muscles are forced to work extra hard due to faulty posture
those muscles will become tight, develop trigger points, and be a cause for pain and discomfort.

We, at the Advanced Wellness Centre, can help alleviate this pain and discomfort. Through soft tissue release, postural corrective strategies, and strengthening areas of weakness with functional movement, the outcome can be rewarding. Your experience in our personal training department at the Advanced Wellness Centre begins with a functional movement assessment. This assessment provides us the information we need to create a plan to improve function and to strengthen areas of need to reinforce improved movement patterns. Let us help you get to a much better place functionally
and to be pain free. 

For more information on how our Personal Trainer at Advanced Wellness Centre in Richmond, VA can help alleviate mid and upper back pain, call 804-673-9335, or schedule an appointment online!

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