How Massage Therapy Can Help at Relieve Headaches

If you are a Tension Headache Sufferer, you deserve to understand the well-established benefits of Chiropractic and Massage for easing your pain. Instead of seeking temporary relief by resorting to drugs (prescription or over the counter), the Richmond Virginia community of headache sufferers is learning about alternative solutions for more lasting relief.

Massage Therapists and Chiropractors at Advanced Wellness Centre combine their extensive experience to team up to help you. By working on your tense muscles and stiff joints, the underlying physical causes of your headaches are often alleviated for longer periods of time. In other words, when it comes to the common Tension Headache that so many people experience, masking symptoms with drugs does little to address the root problem because it is not a chemical abnormality, it is physical!

Even the highly respected EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL AND REHABILITATION MEDICINE published research March 18, 2016 which supported these important facts.


This study confirms the efficacy derived from the application of treatment focused
on the upper cervical region for Tension Type Headache. Both interventions, massage alone and massage
combined with manipulation, showed positive results for headache relief. However, the addition of manipulation was more effective at improving upper cervical and cervical flexion range of motion. Moreover, the addition of manipulation was more effective than massage alone for reducing the impact
of headache on the four sub-dimensions of the Headache Disability Index".

At Advanced Wellness Centre, our model includes Clinical Massage along with Chiropractic. Why is massage a valuable tool for relieving headache pain? The answer is that massage provides muscle relaxation and increases blood flow to tissue. Healing is enhanced when basic nutrients, such as oxygen are carried by blood to injured/ painful tissues. To understand this better, do the following experiment:
Make a tight fist and look at your knuckles. Hold this for 30 seconds. You may notice how your knuckles turn pale or white, this is due to lack of blood flow and it is called ischemia. When blood flow is restricted, like with tight muscles, adequate oxygen does not get to tissues which is required for the health of all tissues and organs. This unhealthy state is called hypoxia (keep your fist tight!). Now
SLOWLY open your fist. Does it feel stiff/tight? That was only 30 seconds... Imagine what it would be like if your muscles were tight for 3 minutes, or 3 hours, or 3 days, or 30 days, or 3 months, or even 3 years! Hopefully, you now grasp the potential benefits of relaxing tight muscles through massage for decreasing pain and dysfunction, let alone achieving stress relief.

With the hope of a natural, drugless solution, you now have options for getting headache relief! 

Our Chiropractors and Massage Therapists can help you live with less headaches. 

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