How Massage Therapy Will Complement Your Chiropractic Care

How Massage Therapy Will Complement Your Chiropractic Care

These days, it isn't enough to treat physical problems to keep the status quo. People today want to stay well and thrive. Ideally, this should be achieved using non-invasive and drug-free treatment to maintain your health naturally. Chiropractic care can often be combined with massage therapy. It's an ancient, effective practice that helps both the mental state and the physical body. However, massage therapy is more than just a way to relax and unwind. It's a complementary medical technique that can boost the effectiveness of your chiropractic adjustments. At Advanced Wellness Centre in Richmond, VA, we often provide massage therapy as a part of our patient’s treatment plan.

What Is Massage Therapy?

Let's face it, massages feel great! That's why many people get them as a part of their wellness routine. However, massages can also be used to improve your health. That's where massage therapy comes in. It's a way to complement chiropractic adjustments to bring a new level of wellness. We use massage therapy to improve the health of our patients, and the enjoyment they get from their massage therapy is just a bonus. We use massage therapy to treat various health conditions and to achieve specific health goals for our patients rather than a generalized application of massage.

New and Old Massage Therapy Techniques

Massage has been used for thousands of years to treat health conditions and to help people relax. Many of the techniques used in massage therapy are the same as they have been for hundreds of years. However, we do not only use those techniques, but we also have newer techniques that are based on science. New discoveries and research have shown certain massage techniques to be more effective for certain health conditions.

Massage Therapy in Richmond, VA

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