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Have you ever awakened in the morning and found that your back just hurts?  “I didn’t even do anything,” you mutter to yourself. 

We have all been there.  

Or maybe you did a new and different activity, like helping a friend move.  And, on top of that, they basically lied about how much stuff they had to move in the first place.  “Just one more thing, Larry?  Huh? ONE more???” Okay, maybe I’ve just been there, but moving on…

One of the potential contributing factors to this kind of discomfort, and even to more sudden and traumatic injuries, is how we move.   Some evidence shows that balance/movement asymmetries, lack of joint mobility, and even less sense of body  position and coordination can increase our risk of injury. 

Just like you would not take your car out onto a racetrack and drive it at top speed without having the alignment checked, it’s a good idea to improve your movement quality while you are staying active and exercising!

Here at Advanced Wellness Centre in Richmond, VA, we use a program called “Move Now,” which begins with a full-body movement screen and assessment from which a personalized exercise program can be developed by your doctor to help address movement restrictions.   

A lower back problem might come, in part, from a stiff ankle, so we are just as interested in the ankle as the back.

The overarching point is that at AWC we want you to (quoting the popular physical therapist Gray Cook) “move well, then move often” so that you can hop out of bed in the morning, play with the kids or grandkids, participate in your favorite sport, or get results in the gym.   Our doctors, massage therapists, exercise therapists, nutrition coach, and personal trainers are united in this goal and our new “Move Now” program can be a fantastic program to help you do it.

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