Sugar and AGE-ing

We have all heard that we should reduce our sugars to lose weight, right? Though this is one reason that cutting down on sugar intake can build our health, there are a number of other contributors to disease present in those sweet drinks, desserts, and even bread products (which break down quickly into blood sugar). Indeed, sugar makes you AGE.

Advanced glycation end (AGE) products are the result of sugar’s interaction with proteins and/or fats in the body. Of course, some blood sugar is necessary to run our muscles, brain and more, and AGE products are naturally occurring to an extent, but excess sugars not only raise insulin levels (potentially leading to diabetes down the road), but also cause
proliferation of AGE products. AGE products can:

· Accumulate in joints, muscles, and even increase inflammation in the body

· Cause vascular damage which can then lead to heart disease. 

· Increase oxidation of the cells (like rust on metal)

One helpful metaphor I use with my clients is how it would feel to dip your fingers in water, then in a handful of sugar. Sticky, right? Now imagine this coating your joints and muscles. How would you move – better or worse? Similarly, our diet plays a role in our movement and joint health.

Here at Advanced Wellness Centre in Richmond, VA, our health care takes a multi-system approach. We specialize in helping you move better by combining nutrition coaching with spinal adjustments, massage, and exercise to find the best formula for your healing and wellness. Nutrition coaching also involves assisting you in discovering motivations and strategies to reduce sugar intake while still enjoying eating, thereby slowing down the AGE-ing process and feeling better for life.

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