Whiplash Treatment at Advanced Wellness Centre

Whiplash Treatment at Advanced Wellness Centre in Richmond VA

Our chiropractors, Dr. Bryan P. Lowry and Dr. William U. Roodman, at Advanced Wellness Centre, offer holistic whiplash treatment options to help you with your neck pain and stiffness so that you can get back to work and participating in the activities you love.

young man having neck pain after whiplash

Causes and Symptoms of Whiplash Treated by Your Chiropractor in Richmond, VA

When it comes to choosing your chiropractor in Richmond, VA for your neck pain, you need a chiropractor who understands all the causes and symptoms of whiplash so that you can get your injury treated at the source. Our chiropractors understand that whiplash most commonly occurs during a car accident, but it can also happen anytime the head and neck are forced outside their normal ranges of motion. Additional causes of whiplash include falling from a bike or horse, getting hit in the neck or getting tackled.

The symptoms of whiplash are wide-ranging and can include severe headaches, neck stiffness and pain, dizziness, sensitivity to light and/or sound, pain in the shoulders and numbness or tingling down the arms. You may also experience mood swings and irritability as well as trouble sleeping.

Whiplash Treatment at our Chiropractic Clinic

Whiplash treatment at out 10,000 square foot chiropractic clinic starts with a comprehensive examination and digital images of your neck. Once we know the extent of your injury, we will develop a treatment program to reduce your symptoms and help heal your injury.

All of our treatment programs are completely customized for the individual. Common treatment options include chiropractic adjustments to help realigned your cervical vertebrae and massage therapy to loosen tight muscles and help with soft tissue pain. We may also recommend acupuncture, which can help lower upper back and neck pain while shortening the recovery process.

To schedule an appointment with our chiropractor for your whiplash symptoms, call us at 804-673-9355.

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