Chiropractic Testimonials

“My years as a prosecutor and public servant have taken a toll on me! I have so much satisfaction in my progress that I gladly travel from Petersburg to Richmond for my treatments. The care and concern for my well-being is demonstrated by every staff member, regardless of the department. There is no other location that offers the diversity of services coupled with the high level of expertise and professionalism. Dr. Lowry provides superb service! He makes sure that I have complete understanding of my diagnosis, treatment, and progression! The massage therapists have total control of knowledge and technique! The staffs with laser, decompression, and other modalities are extremely intelligent and professional. The best acupuncture specialist in the world, Alistair, is remarkable! I continue to heal in body and mind here!!”    -Cassandra C.

“Dr. Bills is the best chiropractor I have ever seen. I am no spring chicken, and I have been getting chiropractic care all of my life. I am a CrossFitter and Dr. Bill's chiropractic style fits my extreme exercise program. I have referred other CrossFitters, friends and family to Dr. Bills without hesitation. I have seen some really good chiropractors, but Dr. Bills is a great addition to the Advanced Wellness Centre. He takes an interest in his patients, and you don't feel like a number you feel like a person with a name not a number. He and his assistant Kerry work seamlessly as a team!”    -Tammy B.

“I strongly recommend chiropractic; it was a surprise that it worked much better than medications. You can’t beat getting better and feeling good without medication.”    -Bill D.

“I am amazed at the improvement that I have had. I have not had a full night’s sleep in 5 years, in spite of going to other doctors in other states. Because of my heart condition, I cannot take pain killers, which is good because I got the root cause of the problem fixed, and not just covered up. My wife even notices that I have more energy and am happier without the pain.”    -James F.

“It’s amazing! I can move so much more easily. My pain level has been reduced more than I could have ever believed it could.”   -Bonnie D.

“After being rear ended on I-95 I was suffering with a serious back injury which limited my once very athletic lifestyle. I had constant pain, migraine headaches daily and had been out of work. Dr. Lowry examined me and took the time to educate me on how chiropractic treatment would help my condition. My recovery was remarkable, within two months I was back to work, jogging daily and the pain and headaches were gone.”    -Calvin J.

“I couldn’t even go to a restaurant because my back would begin to hurt after sitting for 30 minutes. Since I received chiropractic care at the Advanced Wellness Centre, I have been able to sit through multiple plays without feeling the need to get out of my seat.”    -Donna B.

“The doctors and staff at Advanced Wellness are really about helping in your WELL-BEING. I don’t want to get too technical, but am a big fan of Dr. Roodman and his staff. With alignment often comes relief, but on top of that you get genuine care, it often has a sense of family attached to it there at the AWC. Just the other day I saw a gal in there that used to be a receptionist, and it was like seeing an old friend. Check it out, and COME BE WELL!”    Anonymous

“I have to say I have really enjoyed each visit and seminar I have attended at Advanced Wellness. Everyone is so kind and helpful! I have learned so much information from the two seminars I have attended. I have also had the opportunity to be adjusted by each doctor and they each have been amazing and helped me greatly. Everyone at Advanced Wellness really takes the time to listen to your needs and gets to know each client. Thank you Advanced Wellness team!”    -R.

“I was happy with how quickly I got a 1st appointment. Surprised at the thoroughness. Pleased that I got an adjustment and stunned at the intensity/thoroughness of the 1st adjustment. All in a good way. Feeling better about getting my life back.   -Adam D.

“Everyone is very helpful and makes sure I always have the best experience possible. Everyone assisting the doctors does a great job with stretching and massage. So much so that I don’t want to leave! And Dr. Roodman is the best. I have been coming to him for many years and it is nice that he cares personally about me and how I feel. And they work with me when it comes to scheduling since I have to rearrange a lot of times as to when I can come in.”   -Kristy M.

“It is frustrating to be hurting and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. After today’s session, I felt that I can start running again.”   -Kevin H.

“I have nothing but praise for the staff at the Advanced Wellness Centre. Each person working with me appeared very interested in my care and my progress. Upon arriving there initially I had no idea of what bad shape I was in until receiving the services of Dr. Roodman (Chiropractor) until somewhat skeptically following his recommendation of services to aid in my recovery from a car accident in which my vehicle was rear ended. His chiropractic services, as well as the massage therapy/ strengthening and stretching exercises provided by various staff have made a major difference. So much so that I hope to make the exercises an ongoing part of my daily routine. I truly have appreciated their great team approach in getting me back in stride again!”   -Anonymous

“When I first got to AWC, I almost couldn’t walk! Now, with everyone’s care and dedication to my wellness, I’m better than normal! And everyone is just so, so kind and knows my name!–and that’s why I keep coming back. Y’all rock.”   -Erin S.

“I have been a patient for 3 months. I was barely able to be up and off the sofa when I entered the building. I had been in traditional medical care for 7 months prior to that with no relief and driving medical costs. I now am up all day, working in my garden some, playing bridge a couple times a week, and keeping up with my home and social friends.”   -Deborah K.


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