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Paul Davis 

Success Story Paul Davis

Success Story Paul Davis

 A Patient's experience after doing the 21 Day Purification then having knee replacement

"I'm doing great. It will be 3 weeks tomorrow since my surgery. I think the purification helped me tremendously. I feel pretty good. When I had my gall bladder out last year, I had a tougher time with dealing with pain and moving again. This time around, I have better control on what to eat and mindful of what to choose while being stuck on my butt the past few weeks healing. The meds eat up my stomach and using the SP shakes really help on giving my stomach a break. I have a shake in the morning and that gets me through till lunch."


My name is Claudia and I am a client of the Advanced Wellness Centre who underwent treatment for spinal stenosis and sciatica nerve pain in the past year. I had been suffering with this pain intermittently for about 2 years, and I finally realized I had to get this resolved.

I went through the traditional and most recommended methods of treatment by going to an orthopedic doctor who recommended many treatment options. Some of those being steroid injections into my back, many weeks of physical therapy and many, many bottles of Advil and other over the counter medications to deal with the pain. I decided to talk to people I met on a daily basis who appeared to have conditions similar to mine and I would discuss ailments and treatment options. It was recommended to me to see a chiropractor and that person truly convinced me that they could end all pain.

Therefore, I became a patient of Advanced Wellness Centre and pursued this option and underwent many weeks of manipulations, therapies and treatment modalities and procedures. At that time I became very disheartened and depressed and felt that this was not going to help me either. I started to gain weight due to a lot of stress and would eat all unhealthy foods which I knew would have devastating effects on my body weight and overall health. I was not, at that time, one of the Centre’s most cooperative patients because I felt that I was not progressing and it was not as simple as it was described to me. It became…”hey doctor – how are you going to fix me?”, with tears in my eyes. “I can’t take this any longer”. He looked at me eye to eye and said “You need to lose some weight and purify your body”. He requested that I sign up for a Nutritional Seminar that they would be setting up and offering to their patients and others interested in the community free of charge, and requested me to attend. I signed up for the program and just said to myself….”why not”?

I attended the nutritional program and paid very close attention. Attendance was great and I met and talked to Terri Brennan, who manages the nutritional program for the Centre.

 The program lasted a little over an hour, and I was fascinated with the outcome from one of the guests who was there and who provided a testimonial about her weight loss experience and these products. I was lucky enough to win the door prize which was a recipe book on purifying one’s body and the various ways you can be creative using a variety of vegetables and fruits to become healthy. I stayed until the end of the program, and that is when I decided that I would make the commitment to try the Standard Process Purification Program and supplements. I purchased the package immediately.

It was a 21 day purification program.  As with most diets and programs, you have to give up a lot of unhealthy foods. I was terrified of giving up potatoes, bread, desserts, my wine, pork, processed meats and cheeses and ice cream etc and said to myself…”I have to do this”. I, of course, researched the products, looked up the testimonials and said “if they can do it, so can I”.

Within the first week of the program, I lost 12 pounds. The program provided me with supportive emails, which provided instructions and suggested menus and different ways you can mix certain vegetables and fruits to make it more tolerable along with supplements and adding more in weekly. “Imagine me drinking a glass of collard greens with supplements”. I committed myself to all the instructions and my Magic Bullet became my cooking utensil. Week 2 I lost an additional 6-7 pounds and my clothes started to hang off. I did not weigh myself initially, but could feel the results. With the cleansing plant food and fiber supplements, I could see how effective the process was working, and how much better I felt each day as toxic food would leave my body. I continued to stay committed. I lost a total of 25 pounds within the 21 day program and I went down 3 dress sizes. This happened during the fall of last year (2015). With the weight loss and supplements, I really realized I was no longer having any type of pain in my body. My skin was clearer, I was no longer tired or stressed and I could actually see and feel the effects of the detoxification and nutritional products. Throughout the entire program I was still receiving email support as well as new recipes. Terri called me to get my updates.

I decided to stop my chiropractor services with the doctor because I was no longer in pain and I could do things that I could not do before. I had no more sciatica nerve pain. I highly recommend this program to many of my friends then and even now, and I am confident about my lifestyle. I made a major life change and through this discipline and commitment, I healed myself. But the real test was the holidays coming up with Thanksgiving and Christmas and having dinner with family and friends. I survived it without gaining a pound and I would eat small meals the entire time. The pork, which I grew up on, tasted differently. I also thought about how it would cause inflammation and toxic chemicals to be produced by my body and therefore decided not to overindulge.

I applaud Terri and the nutritional program at Advanced Wellness Centre for providing me this support and assisting me with developing a healthy lifestyle which ultimately helped me identify what was toxic to my body. Next goal---walk or run a marathon!!!

Thank You Advanced Wellness Centre


I first came in to see Terri because I had no energy, was not sleeping well, and overall just felt very lethargic. I really wanted to change my diet so that I could feel better about myself and actually get through the day without just wanting to take a nap or lay in bed. After only a few visits, I could already feel the changes in my body. Terri really helped me with the right food choices and made me aware of what I needed for my body. I am now 15 pounds lighter and have more energy than I have ever had. I sleep throughout the night every night and wake up refreshed and ready to start the day. She taught me lessons about food that I know I will continue throughout my life. I am so thankful she helped me get myself and my body to a better place. 

P.S. I just made my first smoothie with the protein powder...SO GOOD, and I'm super full. What could be better?


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