Meet Our Registered Dietitian

  • David Younkins
    Nutrition Coach

    David studied Kinesiological Sciences at the University of Maryland and then completed his master’s in Exercise/Rehabilitation Sciences at the California University of Pennsylvania. He has most often worked in a post-rehabilitation environment and/or in communication with medical professionals, and he really enjoys helping transition people from therapy back into work and life. This interest has taken him to corporate gyms, commercial gyms, and country clubs. He spent the most time at Congressional Country Club near D.C. where he trained a variety of clients- from golfers and student athletes to the injured and elderly - to move and feel better.

    More recently, he has taken this function-based and rehabilitative focus into massage therapy, where he enjoys working with specific pain conditions by taking a full-body view of movement difficulties. “*The site of pain is often not the source of pain!” *David enjoys educating others, and he teaches clinical massage at a local college.

    David has also branched out into the related field of nutrition, earning a Master of Public Health Nutrition and practicing as a Precision Nutrition certified coach and wellness coach for the last 9 years. He emphasizes a
    functional medicine approach with personalized nutrition plans and goal setting for the individual, starting with those goals that are most achievable and effective based on the confidence and needs of the client. He is currently study functional medicine and completing a board certification as a “certified nutrition specialist” in the state of Virginia.

    David lives with his wife in Midlothian, and enjoys spending time with family, hiking, martial arts, reading philosophy, psychology, and science, and lifting weights/ kettlebells.

    *Favorite coaching quote*: 'Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it 'fate'.' Carl Jung

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