Nutritional Counseling

Here at our Advanced Wellness Center in Richmond, VA, we pay attention to every aspect of human health, including nutrition. That means you can get safe, effective, medically-sound nutritional coaching from a certified nutrition coach right here at our Richmond VA clinic.

Eating is such a normal part of everyday life that it's easy to perform this essential function without giving it much thought. Unfortunately, mindless or uninformed eating can put you on the fast track to a number of health problems, including obesity and chronic disease.

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Your body depends on the raw materials provided by food to derive the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats and other nutrients it needs for countless physical functions. But many of today's food products are chosen more for their convenience than for their nutritional content. Busy people understandably grab whatever fast food or processed foods that are quick and easy. Unfortunately, these foods are often high in fat, sodium, sugars and preservatives while not offering the nutrients the body really needs. These eating habits can increase your risk for diabetes, hypertension, musculoskeletal pain, and certain types of cancer.

That's why nutritional coaching makes such a natural complement to chiropractic care and our other healthy therapies. By helping you consume the right quantities of the right kinds of foods, we can help you lose excess weight, improve your metabolic function, decrease your risk for disease and make it easier to manage muscle strains and stress.

Dietary Changes and Nutritional Supplement Options

Good nutrition is a lifestyle, not a temporary approach. "Quick weight loss" diets built on fads and appetite suppressants tend to do the body more harm than good while producing only temporary changes. It's also important to recognize that each person has his or her own individual needs and challenges. Our team at Advanced Wellness Centre in Richmond, VA will evaluate your current health and nutritional issues in detail to come up with a personalized meal plan that can keep you healthy for life. We may also recommend specific nutritional supplements to help you get nutrients that are hard to come by through food alone.

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