Physical Therapy FAQ

At the Advanced Wellness Centre, our Richmond physical therapy team is happy to answer your questions about our profession and how our services can facilitate whole body healing from a wide variety of injuries.

Chiropractor treating a patient for leg pain

How can a Richmond physical therapist (PT) help me?

Our Richmond physical therapy staff is a team of highly skilled clinicians who can evaluate, diagnose, treat, manage, and prevent acute and chronic health conditions affecting several bodily systems (nervous, musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, etc.). Our PTs determine what's causing your dysfunction, how to manage or resolve it, and how to prevent similar issues from returning. This can be done through a variety of therapeutic services including:

  • Manual therapy, including active release technique, soft tissue massage, and joint mobilizations
  • Therapeutic exercises (with specific goals for tissue healing, flexibility, muscle endurance, and muscle strength)
  • Neuromuscular re-education and postural re-training
  • Modalities including laser, spinal decompression, and cryotherapy (cold and heat) to reduce pain, inflammation, and decreased mobility

What are the similarities and differences between physical therapy and chiropractic care?

Both physical therapy and chiropractic focus on the interplay between multiple bodily systems, address both symptoms and root cause of dysfunction, and rely on non-invasive services to affect patient outcomes.

Chiropractors tend to focus more on correcting misalignments called subluxations within the spine. This is achieved by gently getting the joints to move properly. Alternatively, PTs, using spinal manipulation, use spinal mobilization techniques which generally do not produce the cracking sound associated with the classic chiropractic adjustment. While patients do not usually need a referral to see a chiropractor in Richmond, you do need a referral to see one of the Advanced Wellness Centre physical therapists.

Chiropractic care and physical therapy are excellent complementary services that can accelerate healing from injuries related to sports, work and auto accidents, and more. Both chiropractors and PTs can also help a person maximize their recovery and true physical potential.

How much physical therapy will I need?

It depends on your unique needs. Treatment duration and frequency may range from 1-5 times per week for 2 to 8 weeks or more. Our team will work with you to figure out the right treatment plan to meet your unique needs, schedule, and budget.

How should I prepare for a physical therapy appointment?

Many of your physical therapy appointments may involve active participation from you. So wear loose comfortable clothing and supportive shoes.

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